From de desk of: Lucas Luciani and Guillermo Belvedresi

This is about an American soldier, who dropped 34 pounds of fat and built a fit and lean body with rock hard abs in just 75 days…… and now looks like a 300 warrior. This is a story of how he started.

Sure. It’s actually not that hard to do.

And I can prove it to you… because if Mark could lose 34 pounds of fat and build it into muscle in 75 days…

… then I’m pretty damn sure YOU can also:

– burn your belly fat fast

– be more cut

– gain more strength and endurance

– and look like Leonidas when you take your shirt off 🙂


Here goes …

This was a little while ago now — 2010 actually — when Mark (that’s him below) transformed his body to look more physically fit…

He needed to change because he kinda had a serious problem in the Army:

“I looked at myself in the mirror and I knew that if i didn’t make a change…

… the Army would BOOT me, my health would seriously deteriorate even more and most of all, I wouldn’t be able to play with my children the way a father should.

It is also a little hard trying to motivate other soldiers to do physical training when I myself am not where I am supposed to be.

Personally I was not currently happy with how I was physically and really needed a change.”

Mark always was a fit guy.

But after having his son and when his wife was pregnant with their second, he ended up gaining several pounds between the stress of bills, kids, and an up coming permanent change of station.

Also, he had ankle surgery. So he was doing nothing for about six months until his ankle healed.

Unable to exercise, he began to pile on the pounds. When he recovered from his injury, he had gained 34 pounds of fat.

He fell into a deep depression because of the stress and a poor self-image.

Mark told me:

I went into therapy and they suggested that I would feel better if I exercised more.So, determined to get myself out of the funk I had developed, I began walking everyday.

I started to feel better, but I was bored as hell.

So I started going to the gym with some co-workers. When I started I weighed in at 220lbs.

I wanted to lose my gut and get back into shape.

But again I got bored. Lifting the same weight every day.

I wanted not just to look strong, but be strong. Real-world strength. Not that “hey I go to the gym” strength.


So my online search began. I tried this and tried that, got bored with everything I found.

Then I found the right program. It was like a huge explosion went off in my head when I read it.

Finally… someone that understands what I’m looking for!

Simple easy to follow workouts, no endless reps.

I jumped on board the very next day.

When I started I thought this will be easy for the first few weeks. Boy was I wrong.

I had let myself go so much that I was sweating like a horse in just 10 minutes.

It was GREAT!

When I started this program I weighed 220lbs 23% body fat.

I knew this was going to help me get back into shape but I had no idea how FAST!

I had to start eating more cause I was so hungry all the time.

After 4 weeks with the program I weighed in at 205.6lbs.

And I was eating like a horse according to my wife.

I get teased by my co-workers, laughed at by the “strong guys” that “know how to train”.

I love every minute of it.

This program has given me a whole new outlook on life. All I can say is… I’m a believer.

Ok. Mark was 36 years old when he started the program. His metabolism wasn’t the same as when he was 20.

However, he lost 14.4 pounds in just 4 weeks.

Not bad, right?

But enough about Mark.

I’ve only mentioned him to establish a reference point.

To demonstrate that it’s totally possible to get a FIT and LEAN body in record time.

If Mark could burn all the fat and build lean muscle in such a short time — then surely it’s possible for you to do something similar.

You can also get back in shape and be more healthy and physically active…

… if you start to follow the same program.

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– Lucas Luciani and Guillermo Belvedresi